Version 0.2

GConfigure version 0.2

What's new?

  1. works with configure and autoconf
  2. newer and better optionparsing
  3. works with gz,bz2 and directories
  4. progress bar (pulsating)
  5. Fixes for the error dialog (still quite buggy)
  6. Cleaned up some of the code, and commented the regular expressions
  7. Checks for existence of, configure, README and INSTALL and has according advice on what to do if they are missing.
  8. No longer a massive overuse of the file 'mytry'
  9. Added working 'make install' procedure (with dependency on libgnomesu

Known bugs

  1. It's still not really good at determining if something went wrong.


  1. A really recent version of zenity (else the progress bar won't work)
  2. lingnomesu
  3. bash, gzip bzip2, sed, grep etc.