Version 0.3

GConfigure version 0.3

What's new?

  1. Lot's of bugfixes
  2. Has the possibility to hide certain options from the option list.
  3. removed the progress bar (was annoying)
  4. cleaned up the code a lot.
  5. I can use it for daily package installing :)
  6. Added installation instructions.
  7. Added nautilus-script for launching (eases up the installation method)
  8. Autosaves Your preferences (like prefix=/usr)
  9. Automarks Your preferencse (ticks the checkbox when you had ticked it before)
  10. Known bugs

    1. It's still not really good at determining if something went wrong.


    1. zenity
    2. libgnomesu
    3. bash, gzip bzip2, sed, grep etc.