Version 0.4

"How Hans Brinker saved holland"

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What's new?

  1. Lot's of bugfixes
    1. Now accepts tgz as well as tar.gz
    2. Bug with removing directory from /tmp
    3. Bugs with loading and saving preferences solved
    4. No more error about a missing readme.gconfigure
    5. will accept 'gconfigure file' as well as 'gconfigure /home/user/file'
    6. Some bugs with the ignore list
    7. No more double README entries
    8. Proper handling of non-existent configure script.
    9. Proper handling of non-existent autogen script.
  2. Lot's of new Features
    1. You can ignore OPTION now, instead of OPTION=VALUE
    2. No hard dependencie on libgnomesu anymore (Will still use it if available)
    3. Will now add installed package to rpm/deb/tgz database
    4. Possible to have a conf file in ~/.gconfigure.conf and /etc/gconfigure.conf (~/ overrules /etc/)


  1. zenity (cvs HEAD)
  2. libgnomesu
  3. Checkinstall
  4. bash, gzip bzip2, sed, grep etc.